Month: June 2017

They Once Called Me Coach

Last Wednesday, after a late afternoon thunderstorm wiped the sky of its dark imperfections,  I stood before the Robbinsville High School graduating class and delivered the commencement address I entitled “Trust Your Change.” Later the night, while enjoying a well deserved post-graduation beverage, a colleague asked me how long I’d been working on the speech. […]

“Trust Your Change.” My Commencement Address at the Robbinsville High School Graduation

On June 21, 2017 I was fortunate enough to deliver the commencement address at the Robbinsville High School graduation. Over 2,000 people were in attendance.  Below is the audio and transcript of my speech.  (Note–Due to rain, the ceremony was delayed 30 minutes.) Transcript: Introduction (or my attempt to get the crowd to listen) First […]

“Don’t be scared to publish work”: An Interview with Jon Westenberg of Creatomic

Jon Westenberg is a marketing executive, creative director, entrepreneur  and writer from Sydney, Australia . Jon has over 100k readers on and has been featured in Time, The San Francisco Chronicle, Entrepreneur and over 40 other publications. He is passionate about marketing, technology, creativity, helping people and occasionally geeks out over a good cup of coffee. I […]

In Honor of Father’s Day: 6 Pieces of “Dadvice”

Originally published June, 2017 It’s Father’s Day Weekend! Time to hike up your socks, fire up the grill, lean back in your favorite chair and say things like …”Hold your horses!” and “”My house, my rules!” shortly followed by “I don’t know… go ask your mother.” With the popularity of Justin Halpern’s hilarious Shit My Dad […]

“An Introduction to Life” by Write on Fight on Scholarship Winner Mary Pilliterri

Mary grew up in the town of Robbinsville, New Jersey. Her cousins have always had a huge impact on her life and helped her greatly in her college decisions. In the fall of 2017, Mary will be attending the University of Delaware where she will major in Biochemistry. In the future she has hopes of […]

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Ants Marching: When an Anthem of Your Youth Foreshadows the Quandaries of Adulthood

It’s becoming increasingly clear that my body is not built for Friday nights anymore. After a week of typical adult life the last thing I want to do is take my creaky knees and venture out. And I mean out, out.  Like the type of going out that requires you to slip on a pair of nice […]

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The 2017 Write on Fight on Scholarship Winners

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WoFo’s Teacher Spotlight is on Deb Dauer

Write on Fight on’s Teacher Spotlight closes out the 2016-2017 school year with a very special guest. The “Mighty” Deb Dauer is a teacher, wife, mother, writer and fighter I’ve been admiring from a distance for some time now. It’s an honor to have Deb’s story grace these pages. Her courage, honesty and resilience are absolute […]

My Advice to Young Adults about Work (or Why I Want to Pee My Pants )

It’s graduation season. And every June, I get asked by soon-to-be high school graduates big questions about work. “How do you know your doing the right work?” “How do you find work you’re passionate about?” “How do you avoid unhappiness and complacency?” Though I don’t consider myself a beacon of wisdom on such matters (I’m […]