Coming Soon: “Yo Philly, Stand Up To Ataxia– a Night of Charity and Comedy”

If you’ve been following my journey you know I have ataxia–a cruel, incurable brain disease that impairs walking, talking, motor skills and a bevvy of other important functions.

Ataxia research has long been underfunded and awareness has long been underpublicized. But today’s the day you can help those diagnosed with ataxia take a huge step forward!

Laughter is healing and that’s why we’ve created a Night of Charity and Comedy to create plenty of laughs for a good cause. The first annual “Yo Philly, Stand Up To Ataxia” event is set for Saturday, May 4, 2024.

There’s three ways you can help!

Purchase tickets for the event (We’d love to see you there!)

Make a monetary donation (Every penny helps!)

Donate an item (gift card, event tickets, memorabilia, etc) for the silent auction. To do so, please send me an email at and I can provide details on where to send the item.

In 2013, when I was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, I was scared. Okay, terrified. I heard words like “progressive,” incurable,” and “rare.” Recent research conducted by Baylor University School of Medicine indicates about 150,000 Americans have ataxia. 

In 2020, I created the Philadelphia Ataxia Support Group to connect with people struggling like me. Since then, the group has provided patients with emotional and educational support for navigating the numerous challenges of an ataxia diagnosis.

On a local level, the group has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Ataxia Clinic and also garnered the support of the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The NAF is the worldwide leader in funding ataxia research and promoting public awareness.

The “Yo Philly, Stand Up To Ataxia” event is sponsored by the Philadelphia Ataxia Support Group and the NAF, but more help is needed. Our goal is to increase community awareness and raise $15,000 for ataxia research

I encourage you to check out the event link, donate, and share the event link with your entire network! Thanks!

Click Here for Event Details and Purchase Tickets