Month: January 2016

It’s a town full of losers…

This article was originally published in January 2016. My students and I recently read, studied and discussed one of our finest American poems —Thunder Road, penned in 1975 by the patron saint of New Jersey Bruce Springsteen.  Thunder Road, the lead track on the Born to Run album, is a personal favorite (and a song […]

A Friend I Never Knew

This wasn’t the article I intended to write. No, I was crafting a breezy piece on the eternal wisdom found in the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road when a 45 year old man from Cincinnati, Ohio, a man I have never met or even knew existed, died. All reports indicate Scott Bruggeman was an […]

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So you didn’t win the Powerball jackpot…Now what?

Dear Reader, I assume you didn’t win last week’s 1.5 billion dollar Powerball lottery. Don’t fret, neither did I. So now what? Back to our jobs. Back to morning commutes and brown bag lunches and hampers swollen with dirty laundry. Back to coupons and car payments. Back to normalcy. Back to complacency. Whether you bought […]

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On Why I Write

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A Humble Thank You!

I was recently awarded “Teacher of the Year” at Robbinsville High  School. RHS is the place I have called home for almost ten years. In those years I have been honored to work with some talented and awesome teachers. Teachers who have helped, inspired and supported me through the years. I have also taught many great young people.  Young […]

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