Month: May 2016

Friday’s Fast Five… 5 Links that Made Me Laugh, Question and Think

On Tuesday, I was publicly named the Teacher of the Year at Robbinsville High School–my adopted home for past 13 years. It was an honor reserved for only my best khakis. Cindy and the three kids were in attendance. Cindy took pictures, Dylan begged for food, Chase picked his nose and Haley daydreamed and complained […]

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Why Do You Write? With Lindsay Rosasco of It’s Simply Lindsay

In the Why Write series I ask writers of all ages and experience levels one simple question…why do you write? In this episode, I ask Lindsay Rosasco why she writes. Lindsay is a mom, teacher, writer and curator of On her website, Lindsay offers sage advice and insight on an array of subjects including […]

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Friday’s Fast Five… 5 Things Ferris Bueller Taught Us

When I was 13 I was expelled from a weekend religious retreat. Apparently, at this specific retreat,they frown upon politely excusing yourself to the bathroom, punching out a window screen, hopping out the window and spending the duration of the mandatory evening prayer service adventuring through a nearby woods. Of course, at 13 I found […]

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Why Write?

In the Why Write? series I ask writers of all ages and experience levels one simple question… Why write? Rachel Wierzbowski of The University of Pittsburgh explained… Writing is like listening to an exceptional song. It has the power to mend the soul, toprovide an outlet of relief, to express oneself in a way that nothing […]

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Friday’s Fast Five…5 Things I Learned from the “Art” of My Reinvention

My reinvention began in January 2014. That’s when I dropped out of grad school– ending my pursuit of an administrative degree– and decided to commit to writing. That’s when I decided to forego a potential six-figure salary to follow my dream. (Yuck!… reading that sentence is like washing down a fluoride treatment with a glass […]

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WoFo’s Featured Writer- Sean Carr

Hey Everyone, Leading up to next week’s Write-a-Thon I wanted to feature some of my senior student writers. Writers who have worked under my tutelage, endured my awful jokes and were forced to experience my literary pretentiousness.  So since we are in the throes of Prom season, I’m featuring writer Sean Carr and his piece […]

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6 Things Moms Worry About (And Humanity Is So Glad They Do!)

My mom worried that my youngest brother Kyle and I would not be close. She worried that the 10 years that separated us would be too big of a gap to bridge brotherhood, to bridge conversation. So mom decided that I, an innocent 10 year old, should witness Kyle’s birth, as a means of bonding […]

Why Stories Matter

There are some nights I lie awake wondering how I got here. Not how I physically got into bed (I’m a few years away from that) but how I became a father, a teacher, a writer.  I watch the ceiling fan spin, listen to my wife snore and try to comprehend the facts of my […]

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