Month: July 2019


Notes-to-self Sometimes we can find ourselves floundering to start or complete a project or maybe we’re avoiding having a difficult conversation or maybe we’re simply unsatisfied, and long to be happy again. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. Since I started writing my book, there have been daily bouts of self-doubt. Moments where I think […]

Have you ever wanted to quit?

Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you ever started a project bright-eyed, busy-tailed, and ever-optimistic? Have you ever thought– this project will be easy. Then, and rather suddenly– did the project prove difficult? Did things go wrong? Did you sweat and swear and want to quit? This week, Cindy asked if I could replace […]

How would you spend the last day of your life?

How would you spend the last day of your life?   Day 12 of the 21 Day Freedom Challenge required me to plan the last day of my life. This was the hardest challenge to date. It forced me to really think about how I would construct and spend the last day of my life. […]

The 100% Lie

The 100% Lie Perhaps the greatest lie of the 21st century is: If you just drink this drink, take this pill, buy this car then you will feel great. Ingest this, buy that and all your aches, pains, sufferings as well as– your failures, regrets, worries, and burdens will magically melt away and you will […]

Making progress (from pole to pole)

Making progress (from pole to pole) Last summer, when I was training for a 5k, to keep myself focused and motivated I often jogged from light pole to light pole. Visual markers were instrumental for my progress. I had to see the finish line. Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, explains that people do not accomplish their […]

Get your WoFo Gear!

Get your WoFo Gear Hey Everyone, The Write on Fight on “Custom Ink” store is open for the next 12 days. Grab a “Life favors the brave” hoodie or t-shirt, roll your back shoulders, and take your chances.  Be well, Jay

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A long post about a lot of stuff

A longer post about a lot of stuff Today’s post is longer than usual because I’m a teacher and I’m on summer break and because day-time television stinks and because writing is away to avoid doing housework and because I’ve got a lot to tell you and I know you’ll listen. So on Monday I […]

The 21 Day Freedom Challenge

The 21 Day Freedom Challenge Celebrating the Fourth of July this week I heard the word freedom tossed around a lot. George Washington won our freedom from the British and the American military has kept us free since and it’s wonderful. I teach many Indian students whose parents were born in India and immigrated to […]

The World Really Needs Your Genius

The World Really Needs Your Genius I am not religious. 16 years of catholic school (elementary, high school and college) can do that to you. When it comes to religion I have more questions than creeds. I hope to one day figure the whole religion thing out. But today I’m not here to share my […]


Perspective A dear friend who has pancreatic cancer is not doing well. I thought a lot about her this weekend. About how she’s fighting terminal cancer and I’m out here complaining about heat and traffic and food prices and gas prices and how my children can be so ungrateful sometimes as a person I love, […]