Month: July 2016

How Do You Deal With Change?

If you’re a product of the great American school system, at some point in your academic career,  you most likely read the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby  or maybe watched movie or maybe skimmed the Cliffsnotes or maybe slipped the smart kid a 5 spot to give you a quick summary before […]

How Sarcoidosis Inspires Me to Be Creative Everyday

This article originally appeared on After I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis I spent weeks circling the drain of self-pity. I was convinced my problems were worse then anyone else’s. I blamed myself. I cursed God. When my wife tried to talk to me I was tight-lipped and curt. I was angry and afraid and […]

7 Important Things All Thirtysomethings Should Remember

A few nights ago Cindy and I hosted a BBQ at the house with some family and friends to celebrate our youngest son, Dylan’s 3rd birthday. Under the quiet of the back porch, my friend Kara and I exchanged parental war stories highlighting the calamities of raising young children as we watched our respective children […]

5 Fantastic Ways to Be More Productive

So recently I’ve been wondering… how do the giants of our world–the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Oprahs get so much done in one day? The one thing that we all have in common with Zucks and Big O is that we’re each gifted 24 hours a day to accomplish our stuff. Yet some people, maybe a […]

5 Things I Learned about My Family (and Myself) While on “Vacation”

I should have known the fates were against us when, instead of cruising west on Pennsylvania Turnpike as the fine summer sun christened the morning sky, I sat idling with a whiny two-year old Dylan on my lap in a pediatrician’s office waiting on the dreaded strep test results. Cindy was at home with Haley […]

Checkout my return to the Set Lusting Bruce Podcast with Jesse Jackson!!

In this episode Jesse and I have a lively discussion about the geography of Springsteen. We talk about how certain Bruce songs capture the pulse and psyche of a region.      

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Friday’s Fast Five… 5 Great Pat Summitt Quotes ( and a hearty screw you to Alzheimer’s Disease)

This Alzhiemer’s Disease is a real bastard.  A real heartless bastard. He is currently toying with one of my favorite sports writers–  legendary Philadelphia Inquirer writer Bill Lyon. If I was chiseling my private Mount Rushmore of literary influences Bill Lyon’s face would share ears with Tim O’Brien, Cormac McCarthy. JD Salinger would be the […]