Quarantine Blackout Poetry- Volume 2: A Father-Daughter Project

This week Haley and I present four new blackout poems–two by her and two by me.

Haley’s black marks are neat, measured, and performed with catholic school discipline.

My black marks are wavering. A little messy. 22 years removed from catholic high school. At best, my handwriting is a C.

These are strange days. A 24-hour contradiction. Everyday is the same, yet everyday boils with new frustrations, anxieties, and worries.

Haley’s poems:

“I Don’t Know” attempts to show the uncertainty that greets us every day.

“I Feel Fine” is about the brave, daily front we all put up however, behind our front, we don’t feel fine.

My poems:

“Oreo’s for Dinner” attempts to convey the absurdity of our days. When normalcy is lost, when motivation is low– sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and have Oreos for dinner.

“The Storm” shows the rolling anxiousness and uncertainty that thunders through each day.

The blackout poetry project is teaching us to be deliberate and consider each word as it appears. A good quarantine lesson is nestled here. In these strange days, when uncertainty reigns–be deliberate.

Focus on the present.

Take every moment as it appears.

Be well.

Jay and Haley

Haley’s poems:

“I’m Fine”

“I Don’t Know”

My poems:

“Oreos for Dinner”

“The Storm”

Quarantine Blackout Poetry- Volume 1: A Father-Daughter Project



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  1. Jason and Hailey, I am enjoying the poems, but mostly, I feel lucky that I am getting to know more about you, Hailey. Keep up the good work and enjoy the time you are having with you Mom and Dad, and your brothers. Hopefully soon, we will all get to enjoy spending time with our friends and the rest of our family. Love you ALL.
    Aunt Glenda

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