A Quarantine-Inspired Father-Daughter Project

My daughter Haley and I decided we would join forces and create a collection of quarantine-inspired blackout poems.

As a parent, it’s hard to watch your kids just play video games and fight all day. Okay, that’s a lie. They’re doing school work, occasionally brushing their teeth, going for bike rides, playing soccer in the backyard. There’s been a few video game marathons, a few rumbles, but mostly there’s been a lot of dead time. A lot of sitting on the couch in pajamas, hypnotized by screens.

My sons and I bond over sports and fart jokes. Haley is 12 and stepping away from Cindy and I and into her own magical world, free of fart jokes.

I noticed even though we’re quarantined together, I can go all day without really talking to her. Good morning. Are you hungry? Time to start school work. Time to go to bed.

She’s in her corner and I’m in mine and I fear it might be like this for years to come.

So to pull her back, to meet in the middle, to stay connected– I proposed that we work on a project together. I couldn’t tell if she was excited or not. She looked at me the way she looks at green beans.

Anyway, she agreed and we decided to create a series of quarantine-inspired blackout poems that we want to share with you each week.

The poems, hopefully, will document what we experienced, how we felt, and what we thought during these strange days.

We hope you enjoy!

Be well,

Jay (and Haley)

“I Miss Her” by Haley

“Outside” by me


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