Getting my groove back (like Stella)

Getting my groove back (like Stella)

In case you’re not familiar with the allusion–How Stella Got Her Groove Back was a 1998 movie. I remember being high school, joking about the title and then, when I wrote this blog post title, desperately scrolling through IMDB to find if Stella ever got her groove back.

Apparently, she did.

I never saw the movie.

It’s been a hard week. I’m sure you know the type.

The family was sick then I got sick, got off track, and lost my groove of exercising, reading, and writing everyday.

But I’m feeling better now and Sunday was the first day I participated in, what I like to call, my wellness trifecta.


I’m currently reading Grant Baldwin’s “The Successful Speaker” which is a step-by-step approach of becoming a public speaker. Why?

Hosting the Ataxia support group meetings combined my teaching experience,  my stand-up comedy…cough,cough…career, combined with the Forgiveness Journey I’m currently traveling on, got me thinking: Could more people benefit from hearing my stories? Could I reach more people–use my literal voice to entertain and inform about the power of self-forgiveness?

And thanks to Amazon (and Amazon Prime), I ordered and started reading Grant’s book this week. And in case you’re wondering…it’s pretty good.

I know, for those with chronic illnesses, we often blame ourselves for our ailments. We let guilt and shame control our lives. And yet we are searching for a way to liberate us of the burdens we carry. I think the answer is self-forgiveness. I think more people need to know this.

Also, there is a screw you Ataxia reason behind my growing interest in public speakingAtaxia commonly impairs a person’s speech.The longer you live with Ataxia, the more likely you are to have difficulty speaking.

My speech is still intact. But for how long–I don’t know. But I feel like I have to use my voice before I lose it.


At the end of the month I’ll be 40. Holy shit. Things just got serious.

Exercising/ Training/ Working on my beach/dad bod has become important to me. I finally realize that I can’t take my physical body for granted. Maybe getting sick taught me this.

My routine is pretty simple: planks, push ups, curls and military presses (40 lb barbell), squats, and a few balance and a few eye exercises I learned in physical therapy.

As Mike, in the ataxia support group said, “Physical activity is the most important type of therapy you can do.”


Like I said, this week has been hard.  And writing this week reminded me of when I drove that faded red 1996 Toyota Camry. Some starts. A lot of stalls. Some rust on the passenger door. A decent radio. Not much to look at.

Today, I took a simpler approach to writing (sometimes we forget about the simple approach. Sometimes we humans tend to over complicate everything).

I thought, if I were to crack open 10 Fortune Cookies right now, what messages would I need to hear (and maybe you need to hear them too)…

Strive like no one cares. Because they probably don’t.

Grind to get to where you want to be.

Being a critic is easy. Doing a day’s work is hard.

Don’t blame others.

Focus on the journey.

Self-loathing starts with complacency.

Forgiving yourself is the first step toward acceptance.

Life is long. Pace yourself.

Life is short. Embrace the moment.

Life is a contradiction. Get use to it.

Finally, below is a photograph Mary S. shared with me this week. She (and the picture) reminded me that spring is coming soon and to spread my wings. I’m also reminded that seasons don’t last.

Neither do hard weeks.

Neither do Toyota Camrys.

Be well,


Just curious…what is your wellness trifecta?

My 2020 resolution is to learn more about and practice more forgiveness. There is growing research that forgiveness is the key to a happier and healthy life. Check out my forgiveness journey and share with someone you think may be interested.

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