How to get out of a funk

How to get out of a funk

Earlier in the week I was in a funk.

Maybe it was the weather? Or maybe everyday lately has felt the same?

But nothing specific caused this. There wasn’t a personal crisis or event that propelled such a funk.

Whatever the cause– the evening news did not help.

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap: the American Government is a scandalous swamp, Australia is still burning, the coronovirus has made its way to America, and Kobe died.

The hope, that fell like confetti when Ryan Seacrest ordered us to turn the calendar, has already been bagged and trashed. And it’s not even February yet.

For the last few days I felt BLAH or maybe BAAA–like a lost sheep commuting from work to basketball practice to school functions to Panera Bread so I can graze like a proper suburban adult.

And when feeling sheepish, it’s surprisingly easy to shift into autopilot, let caffeine steer the minivan, and watch the apathy accrue like Kohl’s Cash.

Adult life has loud way of taking a quiet toll on us. Of wearing us down–draining our energy, our passion, our spirit. Of folding us, stuffing us into a sock drawer of frequent funks.

So what can we do to snap out of such a state?

As I write this, I’m happy to tell you I’m out of my funk. But I know it’s a short- lived victory. Sooner or later, another funk will find me.

So how did I do it this time?

I did some simple things which made me feel better, more grateful. And I hope these things might help you too:

-Have a conversation with someone you love


-Do something kind for someone else

-Writing a thank you note to someone

-Eat healthy for a few days

-Watch motivational videos on youtube

-Research something you know little to nothing about

-Have a conversation with someone about something they’re passionate about

-Laugh with an old friend about an inside joke

-Make plans with someone

Of all those listed above, the activities involving someone else helped the most. Which makes sense because in those funks we have a tendency to retreat into ourselves when we feel this way.

Even though I’m quick to do this–I know ostracizing myself will not help me out of the funk.

Let’s not forget–we are social creatures. We are meant to share our lives and our stories with others. If you’re in a funk I urge you to talk to somebody. Lean into someone. We have all been there. Little funks can become big funks and before you know it you’re dealing with something serious.

I know when I talked to my wife I felt better. Lighter. Not so lost.

Like a sheared sheep finding his shepard among the man-made hills of suburbia.


Be well,


My 2020 resolution is to learn more about and practice more forgiveness. There is growing research that forgiveness is the key to a happier and healthy life. Check out my forgiveness journey and share with someone you think may be interested. Thanks!

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