My wife (and Bill Belichick) taught me something this week

My wife (and Bill Belichick) taught me something this week

This school year has been a change for both Cindy and our children.

The children started at a new school and, after 17 years at one school, Cindy moved on and accepted a teaching position at a new school.

The children have transitioned nicely. They’re playing soccer, have friends, and have yet to complain about going to school.

Cindy’s transition has been harder. And for adults transitions always are. We not as elastic as our children.

She has had her up and downs. Good days and bad. She’s in a new building, learning a new schedule, a grading system, and a new administration with new philosophies.

In the first month of school, Cindy has worked long hours grading and planning. Early mornings. Late nights. Weekends. She’s pushing herself to be a better teacher through effort and sacrifice. Though she could live without the extra work she admits all the changes have made her a better teacher.

The other day she was recognized by her administration as the “Teacher of the Month”.

And I’m proud of her. For I’ve witnessed the amount of effort and energy she has put into her new job.

Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, it pains me to announce that New England Patriot coach, Bill Belichick had it right when he adopted the mantra, “Do your Job.” Short. Sweet. And six Superbowl victories prove it’s highly effective.

From quarterback to water boy, Belichick demands that every Patriot–“Do their job.”

Like football players, we know our assignments, our jobs, our relationships, our passions. But how we execute the assignments is what will garner success.

This is not news–teachers are not paid like football players. But to be an effective teacher or football player, you must be willing to work when no one is watching.

For me–a teacher, a writer, and a man living with my broken brain I know this truth all too well. Action, hard work, dedication to your personal betterment is how you make the best of the opportunities life gives you.

For better or worse, things will change. Life will transition. We will earn new jobs, acquire new relationships, discover new passions.

Whatever your circumstance– you owe it to yourself to do your job well.

Be well,


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Behind every strand of silver hair has a silver lining. I enjoy aging and learning new ideas, new perspectives, and realizing how little I know about everything. Yet at the same time, I do know that I have little patience or time I have for complaining, victimization, children who act like adults, or, more importantly, adults who act like children.

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