What you’re feeling is normal

What you’re feeling is normal

I recently saw my neurologist–the neurologist I’ve been seeing for 6 years–since my Ataxia diagnosis.

I explained to him that sometimes I struggle to do two things at once like chewing gum and walking… okay that one I can still do but flicking on a light switch and turning a door knob proves to be surprisingly stressful. As if my brain can only handle one physical activity at a time.

He leaned back in his chair, “What you’re feeling is perfectly normal.”

Don’t we all want reassurance that what we’re feeling is perfectly normal?

So maybe you don’t have ataxia. But maybe you’re dissatisfied, angry, lost, or hopeless. No matter what you’re feeling–be reassured that we have all felt this way before.

Your not the first and only person to feel this way.

I looked at my neurologist and smiled, “So what I’m feeling is normal?”


When things aren’t go your way today– don’t overwhelm yourself or isolate yourself. You’re not weird. You’re human. You are normal.

It’s reassuring to know that even if the feeling is new to you, people have been experiencing the same feeling for a really, really long time. Human emotions are limited and universal.

In the 4th century, Aristotle attempted to identify the exact number of core emotions in humans. He proposed 14 distinct emotional expressions: fear, confidence, anger, friendship, calm, enmity, shame, shamelessness, pity, kindness, envy, indignation, emulation, and contempt.

Since then, and up until now, we have been fascinated and mystified by the mystery of ourselves.

Let’s just admit– we’re complex system just trying to figure ourselves out. And take comfort in knowing the discomfort you’re feeling is perfectly normal.

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