Sometimes there are sirens…

Sometimes there are sirens…

My brother and his now-wife got married on Saturday.

It was an absolute stunner of a wedding. The ceremony was on the roof of an old, out-of-commission South Philadelphia high school.

A perfect blue sky and the Philadelphia skyline back-dropped the ceremony.


For months I watched my brother and his then-fiancee strain and stress over wedding preparations. From the food to the DJ to the center pieces to the seating cart to the parking.

And then during the ceremony, as they exchanged vows, an ambulance began wailing in the distance as it mazed up and down the narrow city streets until the siren softened and silenced.

My brother and his bride smiled. There was nothing they could do. They were at the mercy of the big, noisy world.

Plans change, minds change, hearts change, and sirens sound. No matter our effort and strain, no matter the sweat and toil the world is indifferent to our plans.

And in that terrifying moment, when the unexpected happens, it takes real courage to just smile and go with it.

This summer, when your plans go awry, I hope you just smile and go with it.

Be well,


The reception was held in the school gymnasium:

And check out these sweet socks my brother had made for me as a wedding day gift:

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