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A Little Moral Courage (or when your child’s teacher emails you)

A Little Moral Courage (or when your child’s teacher emails you) Cindy and I receive an email from Chase’s teacher, “I would like to speak to about Chase.” Our rabbit minds zigzag all the ways he may have broken the rules. Maybe he cheated on a test. Maybe he threw an apple during lunch. Maybe, […]

Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children Bravery

Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children Bravery In the second week at her new school Haley auditioned for a part in the school play–The Lion King. This was a big move for her. Bravery and toughness are not her things. Haley is blue-eyed, blonde-hair, warm-hearted, quiet, and lacks confidence in herself. Which makes me […]

Have you ever wanted to quit?

Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you ever started a project bright-eyed, busy-tailed, and ever-optimistic? Have you ever thought– this project will be easy. Then, and rather suddenly– did the project prove difficult? Did things go wrong? Did you sweat and swear and want to quit? This week, Cindy asked if I could replace […]

The 100% Lie

The 100% Lie Perhaps the greatest lie of the 21st century is: If you just drink this drink, take this pill, buy this car then you will feel great. Ingest this, buy that and all your aches, pains, sufferings as well as– your failures, regrets, worries, and burdens will magically melt away and you will […]

Losing my cool

The other day I lost my cool. I yelled at my son. A hot, loud dad-snarl. He was already in trouble for lying about his homework the night before and his attitude toward me sent me seeing red. I stalked toward him and saw fear flash across his face. No matter your age, seeing your […]

A letter to my daughter on her 11th birthday

The following is a letter to my daughter who turned 11 this week. Dear Haley, Happy 11th Birthday! You’re now old enough to know that after all the books, after the classes, after all the stuff– the crib, the bottles, the baby wipe warmer, the jars of mashed apricots, after the advice from your grandparents […]

Our children need gardeners not gods.

As parents, it’s our fundamental responsibility to recognize that our young children see us as gods. This declaration unnerves me. My three children are under under 10.  In their eyes I’m a flawless, precise, all-powerful, all-knowing god.  I am the law. The 10 commandments of suburbia.  My words are gospel. And when I shake my […]

The Joy of Watching My Son Discover Rock n’ Roll You can't start a fire without a spark...

A few weeks ago my 8 year-old son, Chase, dressed up as Bruce Springsteen for a school project. Ever since, he hasn’t stopped listening to Springsteen. Here’s a video of him flossing to “Dancing in the Dark”. My parents taught me that music, is as good as any subject, to bond with your child. Growing […]

The morning after a neurologist found my brain damage I went to work. The story of the blue collar patient

Cindy told me to stay home. Put my feet up. Watch daytime television. Rest. But I insisted on going to work. “I have too much work to do.” I was teaching Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the novel chronicles a father-son relationship and argues a father’s chief duty, no matter […]

When your youngest child learns to ride a bike… Long may you ride, my son

I bet you can tell me when and where you learned to ride a bike. I was 5 and learned in white concrete alley behind our red brick Philadelphia row house. The bike was red with black rubber handle grips and solid plastic wheels. A few days earlier, Dad and I bought the bike from […]