21 things courageous people don’t do

21 things courageous people don’t do

I’m writing this from an orthodontist waiting room.

My son has disappeared back stage to get his braces fixed and I want you to know that I don’t like going to the orthodontist or the dentist or any other –ist who makes their living pulling leftover lunch from a stranger’s mouth.

When I was young, mom took me to a butcher disguised as a dentist and I still haven’t recovered. I’ll save you the bloody details but at one point he held my jaw and demanded that I keep my head still.

Now, I’m all for hygiene. I have an electric toothbrush and I brush 2-3 times a day but reclined in that plastic chair, staring into the florescent sun, listening to that high pitch drill as you lay, mouth agape, at the mercy of someone who is demanding that you keep your held still is, well, scary.

I don’t think the American Dental Association appreciates how much courage it takes to visit the dentist twice a year.

Courage comes from the Latin root cor— meaning of the heart.  Courage is having the ability to act despite potential pain or fear.

Two months ago, I canceled my last dentist appointment. I just couldn’t do it. I called the office, said I had to reschedule and that I would call back to make a new appointment.

I did not call back.

My son’s orthodontist shares an office with my dentist. I should walk down the hall and make an appointment instead of sitting in this pale yellow waiting room with the parents who are all looking at their phones , including me, while a dozen or so crisp magazines stand perfectly racked on the wall.

Which makes me wonder–do people still read magazines in a dentist waiting room anymore?

Anyway, the point is I should make a dentist appointment.

But first I need to make a list of…

21 things courageous people don’t do:

1. pretend to be invulnerable

2. avoid speaking up

3. avoid the truth

4. procrastinate

5. wait for someone else to lead

6. carry anger for too long

7. resent themselves

8. live in the past

9. let others dictate their lives

10. ignore their talents

11. allow fear to overpower their faith

12. take risks

13. tell the truth

14. blame, blame, blame

15. forgive themselves

16. change their mindset

17. pursue passions

18. make excuses

19. accept failure

20. dream

21. avoid the dentist

I began rereading The Alchemist again (See photo proof below).

The Alchemist is one of my top three books on all-time. A few years ago, I wrote  “It’s called The Alchemist  and you should read it” and author Paulo Coelho read my piece and tweeted it to his 15.4 million followers on Twitter.

If you’re not familiar, The Alchemist is a simple yet empowering book for any one who wants to follow their dreams and live more courageously (also it’s for anyone struggling to reschedule a dentist appointment).

Do yourself a favor and read The Alchemist.

Also, for the Forgiveness Journey this month, I’m focusing on forgiving myself for being (at times) a bad parent. (I will post next Friday about why it’s important for children to see their parents embracing forgiveness). As parents, how often do we let one parenting mistake effect a hundred other actions we take? And, as parents, how scary is it to realize that your children absorb and imitate everything your doing and saying?

I’m not a perfect parent. There are plenty of parenting sins I have to forgive myself for. However, not taking my kid to the orthodontist is not one of them.

Be well,


PS– My son’s braces were fixed. Also, I didn’t make that dentist appointment.

Are you burdened by negative feelings? Are negative feelings preventing you from achieving your goals? Your potential? A happier life?

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