Welcome to the Writing Room

Welcome to the Writing Room

For nearly four years most of my writing as been done at the kitchen table.

But since we last talked I’ve converted our guest bedroom into a writing room.

For writing this book (working title: Why are the Suburban Young Men Killing Themselves?) I needed a quiet place to retreat and work. So I walked into our guest bedroom– a room filled with old toys, a train table, boxes that never made it to the attic, a single bed, about 3 dozen stuffed animals and a door that shuts and thought– This will do.

The room was already furnished with a desk and had plenty of wall space that I’m using to layout the chapters the book.

Let me be very clear– I have never written a book before. I have no idea what I’m doing.

So I wrote the working titles of the first 8 chapters on index cards. I feel this offers me clarity and direction. The tangible cards help with the vision of the book.

But remember, I’ve never done this before.


I also put up a white board that is currently marked with the following:

I like writing to music. On my desk is a blue tooth speaker and the song I’ve had on repeat while writing this book is Rage against the Machine’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm.” The song is aggressive and has a heaviness that I think captures the tension inside of a lot of young men.

Also on my desk is a baseball I caught at the 1996 MLB All-Star Homerun Derby to remind me to be patient, an empty jar to remind me to be humble, two books “I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” and “The Obstacle is the Way” that I’m using as references, a canary note page for quick notes, and my laptop.

I have a summer of work ahead of me but I’m excited. Excited because this book feels right. Also, taking action is simply exciting–even if we’re learning the ropes as we go.

I’ve never written a book before but I’m going to try because the easiest thing to do is not write a book.

And because I’ve learned action is powerful medicine.

And because whatever is going on in your life I believe the time to take action is now.

Be well,


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