10 New Year’s Resolutions for Myself (as a Writer)

I know, I know…four days ago I told you I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. And I’m still not.  New Year’s resolutions seem cumbersome, unrealistic, and bi-products of a society that loves to tell you how to do you.

But today, in a coffee-guzzling attempt to find something meaningful to write, I backpedaled and brainstormed into (what I consider) a useful and (mostly) painless list of writing resolutions that, if practiced, will make me a better writer…which I aspire to become this year.

  1. I will vary my sentence structure.
  2. I will make good (verb) choices.
  3. I will edit down the word count of my final draft by 10%.
  4. I will brainstorm.
  5. I will write poor first drafts.
  6. I will eavesdrop on conversations.
  7. I will observe nature.
  8. I will share my writing with others.
  9. I will write about things I’m afraid of.
  10. I will write everyday.

You may not be a writer. But you are something: a parent, a student, a spouse, or maybe a jerk who wants to improve some facet of your life.

A generalized resolution like: I want to increase my intelligence is too vague and will fail.

But: I will read 10 pages of Shakespeare a day for an entire year is a specific, measurable resolution that is more likely to stick.

Bottom line—if a resolution is realistic and specific to your wants and aspirations, you’re more likely to achieve the goal.

Even if you aspire to be the jerkiest jerk in the room.

Be well,


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