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My research and stories were recently highlighted in “Conquer”, a newsletter which provides news and support for people living with Myasthenia gravis. MG is an autoimmune disorder in which communication between the nerve and muscle is impaired, causing severe muscle weakness.

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Through the my post on the writeonfighton Facebook page, a reader whose husband has MG, was introduced to the newsletter and has since signed up to receive it.

No one warned me about the loneliness that haunts you when you’re living with a chronic illness.

Human beings just want to be understood. And, a chronic illness, in many cases (especially those hard to pronounce illnesses) makes you feel misunderstood. You feel ostracized even if you’re the master of your own ostracization.

That’s why it’s so emotionally healthy for a chronic illness patients to find a community and connect with others who physically and emotionally understand their pain.

Please note–I’m not a doctor. I’m just another human being with a chronic illness and a story to tell. But how do we over come our difficulties? Our loneliness?

By joining. By connecting. By share our story. It’s our interconnection that provides our lives with meaning and purpose and the power to live beyond our pain.

If you know anyone living with a chronic illness who might be comforted by writeonfighton I encourage you to share my blog with them. #writeonfighton

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