It’s National Decision Day

May 1st is National Decision Day, the deadline for high school seniors to decide which school they will attend in the fall.

For college-bound seniors this is an important day. It represents the first of many, many major choices and changes they will experience as an adult.

But for those of who are older, whose college years have flipped by like an empty Solo cup, May 1st is still a beautiful day to make a decision.

Life pummels us with decisions.

Some days we lament the mistakes we made.

Some days we are so scared of making choices that we simply refuse to  make them. We procrastinate. We take naps, clean out the pantry, and binge watch Game of Thrones to avoid making a decision.

Whether you’re 17 or 37, May 1st is a great day to make a decision.

A great day to understand our life will be ultimately defined, not so much by our decisions, but by our reaction to the consequences.

Be well,


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