Take a Courageous Step Forward

Since Ordinary Hero was released last week, the question I’ve been asked the most is, “So, when is your next book coming out?”

I usually laugh and shrug my shoulders and say something like, “Gee I don’t know,” while feeling a hot streak of panic in my chest at the sheer thought of writing another book while the metaphorical ink was still metaphorically wet in this book.

Now don’t get me wrong, on the day Ordinary Hero was published I enjoyed accomplishing a goal and reflected on the journey I had just traversed with the bubbly comforts of some non-alcoholic beer and a blueberry bagel. However, after all the calories were consumed, I  realized that though I was proud of my efforts–it was suddenly, and rather harshly, time to start again.

Have you ever experienced this feeling? Like tasting your triumph, but knowing triumph will– in the end– leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied. Like non-alcoholic beer. It’s a sobering feeling.

I just spent 12 months brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing, and agonizing and though I achieved my goal and published my second book, I realize the only thing left to do is begin the process all over again. And this realization terrified me.

Look, starting over is scary. Before you write the first word of your next book or walk through the doors of a new job or commit yourself to losing weight there is always the hollowness of doubt. And the older you get, the more hollow that doubt becomes.

Do I have the strength and courage to begin again? Do I have the patience? The resolve? The toughness? The stick-with-it-ness that I had before when I was younger? Do I trust myself to begin again.

These are questions that surf on the non-alcoholic waves that roll in my belly as I write to you today. As I reflect on my completed journey and on the unknown journey I have been invited to take.  

We hope past achievements will make us presently happy. Presently fulfilled. And though they may, the feeling is fleeting. If we rest too long on our laurels, our victories complacency and laziness will begin to weaken us and begin to inebriate our gifts.

And what’s the use of your gifts if you get too drunk on yourself to use them? If you have inspiring to do and problems to solve and examples to set and people to help you need stay clearheaded and focused.

Maybe it was a good case of beer-muscles, but I realized life–with or without me–is moving on. And I should too.

Celebrate. Enjoy. Sip your beer. Eat our bagel. But then, when there is nothing left to do, take a courageous step forward into the great unknown.

Be well,

Big Announcement…Dramatic drum roll

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Greetings to everyone who found me on the University of Pennsylvania’s Ataxia Clinic’s website! Thanks for stopping by. I have ataxia and though I’m not a doctor, I hope my words comfort, encourage, empower, and serve as good company on your journey.

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Jay Armstrong is a speaker and an award-winning author. Despite being diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, that impairs his movement, balance, eyesight, and speech–Jay presses on. The leader of the Philadelphia Ataxia Support Group, he hopes to help you find joy, peace, and meaning in life.

For Jay, a good day consists of 5 things:

1. Reading
2. Writing 
3. Exercising
4. Hearing his three children laugh
5. Hugging his wife
(Bonus points for a dinner with his parents or a drink with his friends)

Jay hasn’t had a bad day in quite a long time. 

You can also visit Jay at jayarmstrongwrites.com

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