25 Things to Remember When Life Gets Hard: Part 3 of the Summer Challenge

1.Associate with people who are likely to improve who you presently are.

2.Choose uncertainty over unhappiness every time.

3.No hurry, no pause.

4.Our heroic, everyday capacity to transcend our adversity is stronger than the adversity itself.

5.Getting overwhelmed is often caused by complicating things. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, simplify things.

6.Look at everything you have overcome. Keep going.

7.To get more present just do one thing: listen

8.Don’t overlook the little steps.

9.Being able to navigate difficult tasks with other human beings is a success in itself.

10.Peace of mind is the reward for facing adversity.

11.Handling adversity begins with letting go of things out of your control.

12.Take as little or as much time to reset yourself.

13.Be cautious about things that enter your life when you’re going through a hard time.

14.Negative thinking drains your energy. Positive thinking fills your spirit.

15.When you find yourself worrying, pause, and ask yourself, “Why?”.

16.When things get tough-take a walk, do pushups, read a poem, bite a pillow- do what is necessary to reset yourself before you react.

17.Be flexible. Hard times will pulverize hard people.

18.In the end, bad times usually make for good stories.

19.Progress isn’t a straight line.

20.Don’t forget to dance or sing.

21.Take some time to learn something new.

22.It’s perfectly fine to soften your expectations.

23.Enduring hard times affords you the privilege to start a blog and give advice.

24.Set a timer for 30 minutes and be really productive and really focused on one activity for 30 minutes.

25 Adversity doesn’t happen to you. Adversity happens for you.

Be well, 

Greetings to everyone who found me on the University of Pennsylvania’s Ataxia Clinic’s website! Thanks for stopping by. I have ataxia and though I’m not a doctor, I hope my words comfort, encourage, empower, and serve as good company on your journey.

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Jay Armstrong is a speaker and an award-winning author. Despite being diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, that impairs his movement, balance, eyesight, and speech–Jay presses on. The leader of the Philadelphia Ataxia Support Group, he hopes to help you find joy, peace, and meaning in life.

For Jay, a good day consists of 5 things:

1. Reading
2. Writing 
3. Exercising
4. Hearing his three children laugh
5. Hugging his wife
(Bonus points for a dinner with his parents or a drink with his friends)

Jay hasn’t had a bad day in quite a long time. 

You can also visit Jay at jayarmstrongwrites.com

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