I Believe

I believe Bedtime Stories for the Living is a very fine book that would appear even finer in your hand right now.

I believe you should do whatever you can to achieve your wildest dreams.

I believe you should get up when you fall.

I believe I spend too much time worrying about other people’s opinions.

I believe, at 41-years-old, it’s time to take my legacy more seriously.

I believe good writing has a mysterious power to evoke joy and sadness, intimacy and grandness all in the same sentence.

I believe ordinary moments are extraordinary moments in disguise.

I believe we can only slow time by doing what we love.

I believe in making my 5-year-old self proud.

I believe life favors the brave.

I believe in coffee after 9 p.m.

I believe I’m an author now.

I believe in inside jokes.

I believe in love.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in unsolicited dog kisses.

I believe not everyone will appreciate or understand my dreams.

I believe the words “for passion” are more sustaining and more interesting than the words “for profit.”

I believe in listening to the dead.

I believe in Blake Kilgore’s debut book of poetry, Leviathan.

I believe in the “man in the arena.”

I believe when writing a book stubbornness always trumps talent.

I believe I’m responsible for my own happiness.

I believe in silver linings.

I believe in writing letters.

I believe in asking questions.

I believe in second opinions.

I believe siblings should be best friends.

I believe in memories.

I believe children should have goals. And I believe parents should work with their children to accomplish those goals.

I believe sometimes all you need is an emoji.

I believe humor is necessary for survival.

I believe in the underdog.

I believe in going the distance.

I believe in my hometown.

I believe a bowl of sugary cereal is good for the soul.

I believe repressed dreams are the cracked foundation for an unhappy life.

I believe I have the right to change my mind.

I believe it takes strength and love to embrace vulnerability.

I believe in not taking myself too seriously.

I believe in democracy and free-education for all.

I believe punctuation rules don’t always apply.

I believe in disrupting comfort zones.

I believe in my voice.

I believe Bedtime Stories for the Living is now available at the following: Amazon, Draft2Read, Lulu Library, jayarmstrongwrites.com.

I believe you should buy Bedtime Stories for the Living for everyone on your holiday list.

I believe Bedtime Stories for the Living makes the world a better place.

I believe in you.

Be well,


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Jay Armstrong is a writer, speaker, and a former award-winning high school English teacher. Despite being diagnosed with a rare neurological disease, that impairs his movement, balance, eyesight, and speech–Jay presses on. He hopes to help you find joy, peace, and meaning in life. For Jay, a good day consists of 5 things:

1. Reading
2. Writing 
3. Exercising
4. Hearing his three children laugh
5. Hugging his wife
(Bonus points for a dinner with his parents and a beer with his friends)

Jay hasn’t had a bad day in quite a long time. 

You can also visit Jay at jayarmstrongwrites.com

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