Questions from Election Night

Dad, if Donald Trump loses does he have to move out of his house?

Dad, if he moves out what color will his next house be?

Dad, are you an elephant or a donkey?

Dad, who is Kayne West?

Dad, what is the blue wall?

Dad, if Joe Biden wins will there be another lock down?

Dad, what is an electoral college? Do they have a football team?

God, can you please grant me patience?

Dad, what’s a mail-in ballot?

Dad, why are both guys so old?

Dad, why don’t we have a sign on our front lawn?

God, does morality really have anything to do with patriotism?

Dad, are presidents nice?

Dad, can I run for president? Can you?

Dad, why are the people on TV always yelling at each other?

God, is the golden rule still a rule?

Dad, what is an absentee ballot?

Dad, why are the states different shapes?

Dad, why are the colors red and blue? What about green and pink?

God, what is your opinion of democracy?

Dad, who was president when you were 12?

Dad, why don’t they elect a new president every year?

Dad, why did you and mom tell us to never talk politics with our friends?

God, what will America look like in 30 years when my kids are 40? Will you still be on our side?

God, is unity among all races and creeds a promissory pipe dream? Is “justice for all” a lie? Is equality a childish fantasy?

God, does money credit your moral capital? And how do you feel about having your name printed on American quarters?

God, do even care about politics? Are we still one nation under you? Do my questions annoy you?

God, can you name a just war? Do citizenship and decorum really have anything to do with each other?

God, are you disappointed with us? Did you really guide Thomas Jefferson’s pen or Lincoln’s heart or Washington’s rifle?

God, how can you be “pro-life” and support the death penalty?

God, can you send two aspirin and something stiff to drink?

God, do you know what you’re doing? Should we trust you?

God, tell me I’m right.

Be well,


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Jay Armstrong is a writer, blogger, speaker, and an award-winning high school English teacherDiagnosed with a rare neurological disease that resulted in a hole in his brain– Jay presses on. He hopes to help you find joy, peace, and meaning in life. For Jay, a good day consists of 5 things:

1. Reading
2. Writing 
3. Exercising
4. Hearing his children laugh
5. Hugging his wife
(Bonus points for a dinner with his parents and a beer with his friends)

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