What it’s like to write and “parent” at the same time

keep-calm-and-carry-on-1426602_960_720Last night I sat down at the kitchen table to write a post. I was armed with good intentions, a good idea and a good cup of coffee.

I wanted to write a post themed on why during these days of political and social turmoil it’s crucial to reminder yourself that…

“Yes Dylan, I’ll get you a drink.”

…to breath and to remind you that it’s moments of great emotional discomfort that…

“Yes, Chase 7 plus 8 is 15.”

…provide us with an opportunity for growth. And we must remind ourselves that…

“No, Haley this is how you spell continent…c-o-n-t-i-n-e-n-t”

“Yes, Dylan mommy is in the shower.”

“Yes, Chase you can have a bowl of Fruit Loops.”

“No, Dylan you can’t go outside.”

“No, Dylan you can’t watch TV.”

“No, Chase I didn’t get your Fruit Loops yet.”

“Why? Because I’m writing a kick ass blog post about staying calm during this season of political turmoil.”

“I know I just said a bad word.”

“Turmoil is anger, confusion”

” Confusion is… just ask mom when she gets out of the shower.”

…See, I’ve learned that the only thing we can control in life is how we react. Our reactions…

“Haley, can you please chew with your mouth closed.”

“Because I can’t hear myself type. Literally. The keyboard is 6 inches from my ears and I can’t hear the little clicks. And I want to hear the little clicks. I need to hear the little clicks.”

“Because those little clicks are much more soothing then you sucking the gluten out of that pretzel.”

… Our reactions define us. And though we can’t predict what happens next– in our lives, in the world around us, our power lies in how we respond when…

Dammit…Chase just fell down the steps.

I’ve got to go.

Be well,

P.S. He’s fine.

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