The Power of Creativity Podcast Episode #3: An Interview with Dr. Jack DiGiovanna

The Power of Creativity- Episode #3

I’ve had this growing curiosity to learn how the world of science, medicine and rehabilitation uses, manipulates and demands creativity.  Conveniently, one of my oldest friends just happens to be a world-renown scientist.

In this episode I interview my long-time friend, skinny jean advocate, scientist and genomics researcher Dr. Jack DiGiovanna.

Jack has studied and conducted research in both America and throughout Europe. He has traveled the world, delivering lectures on genomics research, neuroprosthetics and has had his research cited over 600 times.

jack-digiovanna-headshot-1024x683Jack currently works for Seven Bridges Genomics in Boston, which was recently recognized by the MIT Technology Review as one of the Top 50 smartest companies in the world.

Throughout this episode, we discuss how and why creativity is crucial in the medical research field, why, even after living all over the world, Jack still loves his hometown, why humans are delusional and the most important lesson Jack’s late father ever taught him.


  • Compartmentalizing your problems is an effective way of relieving stress, over-coming challenges and being more productive.
  • Even if you create distance between yourself and your hometown, your hometown is still a vital component of your identity. Your hometown taught you about people and relationships. It’s the initial setting of your narrative.
  • Even though we know better, and we’ve heard the story countless times, we still struggle to understand that material possessions do not provide lon-term happiness.
  • Fatherly wisdom remains long after the father is gone.
  • Creativity is seeing solutions that other don’t see.
  • Don’t ever be ashamed to ask “why?”. In fact,  having the courage to ask “why” is often the first step to an amazing journey.

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