The Power of Creativity Podcast: Episode#1- The Healing Power of Creativity


Episode #1:The Healing Power of Creativity

Our lives are mired with difficult stretches where everything seems to be going wrong. In this episode, I recount my most difficult season and explain how creativity not only helped me through that season and made me a stronger person.

If you’re like me, an adult strapped with responsibility, its easy about forget about creativity as you focus on the demands of daily living. My experiences have taught me that creativity is one of the keys to finding happiness and to further unlocking the mystery of you.

Though you may not be a writer, I bet you have a desire somewhere in you to be a creator–we all do! It’s a basic human instinct.To make your thoughts and desires a tangible thing for the world to enjoy. Maybe you have a desire to start your own business, restore an old car or crochet sweaters for your children. Whatever creative urge rings inside you, I encourage you to release your fear and answer the call. You will be happy you did!


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