Friday’s Fast Five…5 Books You Need to Read If…

People assume since I’m an English teacher and writer I love reading. Now, even though this assumption maybe true, people also assume that I’m some book floozie– quick to slide into bed with each and every book that sashays my way. This is not true. Not at all.

See, I’m a book snob.

I can not simply pick up and read any book– I have to feel  a book. ( I told you… book snob).

To me choosing a new book is a commitment. A marriage. A love affair. You must choose wisely or you’ll end up miserable and screaming things like ” I hate all books!” and ” How come I always pick the bad ones?” The wrong book will leave you disenfranchised and dissatisfied with the entire literary enterprise.The wrong book will lead to a pint of ice cream and a binge of Lifetime movies.

I’m a high maintenance reader. A literary Kardashian. I demand a lot from my books– they have to suit and please me. They have to understand my conflicts, they have to read my mind and they have to speak the things I’m afraid to say.

For this week’s Fast Five, I offer 5 books I read (and loved) and some reasons why you may connect (as I did) to each book. ( I hyperlinked each book to Amazon in case you’re feeling readerish).

So read these books if…

1.The Road  by Cormac McCarthy–If you’re a parent, soon-to-be parent, a Walking Dead fan, a survivalist, a Biblical scholar, a lover of hard-knuckled prose or a misunderstood cannibal.

the road

2. Home is Fucking Burning by Dan Marshall–If you’re struggling with a chronic or terminal illness or know someone who is or have a dysfunctional family or you just really like obscenities.

home is burning







3. The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer–If you’re spiritually lost or enjoy philosophy (but not the pretentious hard to read kind) or just looking for a little daily inspiration.

untethered soul

4. The Power of Work  by Jeff Goins–If you’re unsatisfied with your job or pondering a career change or looking to reignite your passions or searching for some practical professional direction.

art of work

5. Wisdom of Our Fathers by Tim Russert–If you love father/child movies or you’re addicted to dad tweets or if Cats and the Cradle still gets you misty eyed or you just can’t get dad another bad Hawaiian shirt or Corvette calendar for Father’s Day.


If this post inspired you to read any of the listed books I’d love to hear from you. Also, please share this post with anyone you know who may enjoy any of these books or anyone else who considers themselves a literary Kardashian.

Be well,


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