Why Write?

In the Why Write? series I ask writers of all ages and experience levels one simple question… Why write?

Rachel Wierzbowski of The University of Pittsburgh explained…

Writing is like listening to an exceptional song. It has the power to mend the soul, wf3toprovide an outlet of relief, to express oneself in a way that nothing else can. So, why write? When presented with this question, I thought the answer would be simple: we write because we have to in order to further ourselves in this world. But just like a song, writing does not just brush the surface. It prompts me to think on a deeper level and look at the underlying layers of a proposition. I write because I can find myself–find the layers of emotion internally; I write because I can expose myself–expose the layers of emotion externally to an audience. Like any exceptional song, I write to connect to an audience, but moreover to connect to myself. And, if I can relate my favorite song to what I’m writing, that’s even better. 

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