21 Questions to Help You “Do More in 24”

Mick Jagger can’t get no satisfaction.

In fact, Mick hasn’t been satisfied since 1965. He tries and tries and tries and tries and simply can’t get no satisfaction.

While I was waiting for Chase’s soccer practice to end, the timeless Rolling Stones’ song “Satisfaction” riffed through the car speakers. As I listened to the song it occurred to me that maybe Mick’s dissatisfaction is because he’s not taking time to develop and ask himself the right questions. Which, being a global rockstar and all, he probably doesn’t get a lot of down time, like waiting for his kid to finish soccer practice, to develop such questions.

However, questions are elemental for personal growth and productivity and satisfaction.

When we ask ourselves difficult questions, it forces us to look in the mirror and confront our fears and insecurities. We may not like the answers we find, but this process is essential for helping us focus and do more. And asking tough questions can help us develop a better understanding of who we are today and what we want out of life tomorrow.

It occurred to me that starting small today is better than not starting at all. If we are committed to “Do More in 24”, then the long process of doing more begins with asking ourselves questions that will narrow our focus on important areas in our life we want to do more in.

21 Questions to Help You Do More Today:

1.Mick Jagger once explained that the goal of songwriting is not to write a perfect song. The goal is to write songs that are close enough for Rock n’ Roll. What in your life, right now, is close enough for Rock n’ Roll?

2.What matters to me most at this point in my life?

3.What can I do, right now, that would make life more exciting?

4.What can I do, right now, that would make today–by my standards–a productive day?

5.Right now, what could I be grateful for?

6.How do I want to feel tomorrow?

7.What could I create today that would provide me with momentum and motivation tomorrow?

8.What is one small thing that I could accomplish today that would move me forward?

9.What small step can I take today that I will appreciate tomorrow?

10.What can I do today that I couldn’t do a year ago?

11.Right now, what can I do to make someone feel valued and appreciated?

12.What fear do I need to confront today?

13.What do you want to spend less time doing today?

14.For today to be considered a success, what one thing do you need to do?

15.Will what I’m doing today matter in a month?

16.What’s at stake today?

17.Right now, what little– but important–achievement is possible?

18.What can I do, right now, that will make someone’s day better?

19. What three qualities do I value today and will probably value six months from now?

20. Right now, what one negative feeling can I let go of ?

21.What conversation can I have today that will unburden me?

Next time someone comes on the radio and provides you with useless information or on the TV and tell you how white your shirts can be–have the thoughtfulness and tact and self love to ask yourself questions. Asking yourself deliberate questions is essential for personal growth, building better relationships, and simply doing more.

So you can get some much needed satisfaction.

Be well,


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