A Cancer Update and The Beautiful Reciprocal

A Cancer Update and The Beautiful Reciprocal

5 1/2 hours later, 20 stitches later, and I’m happy to tell you the MOHS procedure (a surgery to remove skin cancer) was successful.

100% of the cancer was removed.

The cancer was big. The doctor said if it was on my nose, I would have lost part of my nose.

Tis the season to be thankful and I’m thankful that:

I still have a nose.

The procedure went well.

The receptionist ordered pizza for me while I waited.

So many people reached out to me and asked how I was doing.

Write on Fight on has allow me to meet and share stories with many people. And your stories have provided me strength and comfort when I needed it most.

Here’s my Christmas message: only humanity can save humanity.

Yes– people are the source of our greatest pain. People can drive us to drink and cry and scream and smash plates. And as much as we don’t want to admit it, only people* can save us.

*Only the right people can save us. This is important because some people, like too much eggnog, are simply unhealthy for us. And like eggnog, if you must entertain these people do so with caution and for a limited time only. 

It took the doctor two MOHS procedures to extract 100% of the cancer.

After the doctor performed the first procedure, after he slid my skin under a microscope for close inspection, I read some stories people had sent me about their own battles with cancer.

And in a cold waiting room I understood, with great warmth, that I was not alone.

My life is not perfect. I’ve got a hole in my brain and a scar on my face. I’ve got so many questions and so many lessons to learn. I get frustrated and angry and play the self-pity game.  Now, I know I can muscle through these dirty feelings and grow all on my own. But at what cost? And for how long?

It’s much better, more inspiring, more sustainable to surround yourself with people who want to improve themselves because, one day, they will help you improve yourself.

So as 2019 closes, I want you to know your stories have positively changed my perspective, provided me strength, and simply made me a better person. I can only hope my stories have done the same for you.

And that, my friend, is life’s beautiful reciprocal.

We don’t have to do life alone. Let’s share stories. Let’s help each other out.

Much love, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Be well,


Below are some pictures of my procedure. Warning: the last picture is my scar a few minutes after the procedure.

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