Dealing with Daily Frustrations

How many times today were you frustrated by something you could not control?

Traffic. Rain. Your stubborn 4 year old.

I recently overheard a student venting about assignments her teachers gave her, “I’m so frustrated. If I get one more assignment, I might scream. No, I will scream.”

But the student’s reaction is not just teenage trifling.

As you read this, somewhere on a highway, in a supermarket, an adult is boiling in frustration.

Why do we let the little things bother us so much? Why are we so quick to surrender our power to the feet of circumstance?

We don’t need to return to third period Biology to be reminded that most of our teenage frustrations dissolve into nothing.

The same goes for the thing frustrating you right now.

If we want to ease our frustrations, we must remember that the only thing we really have control over is ourselves and our reactions.

Be well,


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