Friday’s Fast Five… 5 Songs I Had On Repeat This Week

I love music. I listen to it all the time. I love the way lyrics and chords collide into fantastic noise. And yet music remains a beautiful mystery to me.  In fact there are certain songs that, no matter how many times I listen, they remain just out of reach–a green light glowing across a bay.  Like my wife, there are certain songs that will always teeter on the edge of my understanding.

Maybe that’s why I love them each so much.

Happy Weekend,


1.The Lumineers-Ophelia

Honey I love you, that’s all she wrote”

2. Brian Fallon-Open All Night

“And you can’t make me whole, I have to find that on my own
But I held you, babe, a long, long time ago, and we were open all night long.”

3. The Strumbellas- Spirits

“I just want to be alive while I’m here.”

4. The Swell Season-Feeling the Pull

And I’m feeling the pull
Dragging me off again
And I’m feeling so small
Against the sky tonight.”

5.  Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave this World Alive

“Wherever I am you’ll always be.”



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