Five for Friday!

Congratulations! We made it through another week!

The response to this blog/website has been tremendous. I am truly  humbled and grateful.

So I want to offer a little  something extra for your readership. Each Friday I will post “Five for Friday” where I will present a list of five things– ideas, jokes, suggestions, songs, movies, etc. to help ease you into your weekend.  Hope you enjoy!

And thanks for reading,




1. Each candidate gets a bushel of water balloons to throw at the other candidates.

2. Candidates can opt out of answering a question and accept a physical challenge– such as scaling a wall with a Mexican toddler strapped to their back or balancing themselves on a three legged chair called “The Budget”.

3. Have a “Word of the Debate”. So the “Word of the Debate” is “repeal”. Any time “repeal” is said there will be an extremely jarring siren and flashing lights for 10 seconds ala Peewee’s Playhouse. (This of course would necessitate a seizure warning pre-debate).

4. The debates would be held during the intermissions of Lil Wayne concerts.

5. There will be a 20 minute period during the debate where each candidate must construct an Ikea dresser as his wife hovers over his shoulder and makes passive- aggressive comments regarding his dresser making abilities.

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