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A Little Moral Courage (or when your child’s teacher emails you)

A Little Moral Courage (or when your child’s teacher emails you) Cindy and I receive an email from Chase’s teacher, “I would like to speak to about Chase.” Our rabbit minds zigzag all the ways he may have broken the rules. Maybe he cheated on a test. Maybe he threw an apple during lunch. Maybe, […]

Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children Bravery

Why Parents Need to Teach Their Children Bravery In the second week at her new school Haley auditioned for a part in the school play–The Lion King. This was a big move for her. Bravery and toughness are not her things. Haley is blue-eyed, blonde-hair, warm-hearted, quiet, and lacks confidence in herself. Which makes me […]

50 things (we hope) our children learned this summer

50 things (we hope) our children learned this summer Cindy and I are not the “Parents of the Year.”  We are just as confused, distracted, overwhelmed, stressed as other parents.  Most days we parent on a wing and a prayer and a beer. Most days we are frauds. Some days our children don’t shower. Some […]

The 100% Lie

The 100% Lie Perhaps the greatest lie of the 21st century is: If you just drink this drink, take this pill, buy this car then you will feel great. Ingest this, buy that and all your aches, pains, sufferings as well as– your failures, regrets, worries, and burdens will magically melt away and you will […]

Losing my cool

The other day I lost my cool. I yelled at my son. A hot, loud dad-snarl. He was already in trouble for lying about his homework the night before and his attitude toward me sent me seeing red. I stalked toward him and saw fear flash across his face. No matter your age, seeing your […]

A letter to my daughter on her 11th birthday

The following is a letter to my daughter who turned 11 this week. Dear Haley, Happy 11th Birthday! You’re now old enough to know that after all the books, after the classes, after all the stuff– the crib, the bottles, the baby wipe warmer, the jars of mashed apricots, after the advice from your grandparents […]

Wish me luck…

On Friday, December 28th I begin vestibular rehabilatation therapy again. My first experience with VRT was in the winter of 2014 at the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center. The physical goals this time are: to improve balance to improve motor skills strengthen core muscles strengthen legs prepare my body to run again The emotional goals are: […]

This post is dedicated to the look my son gave

These days Santa Claus is a curious subject in our house. I’m pretty sure my 10 year old daughter doesn’t believe. However her belief, or lack there of, has yet to be confirmed. My 8 year old son’s belief hangs limbo. He’s asking questions: “So what if your house doesn’t have a chimney?” and “So what […]

My daughter becomes a writer

Last night I sat beside my daughter at the kitchen table has she did homework. Haley had to write an original story using her spelling words. She worked the pencil and finessed the spelling words into this cute little story about being a teenager ticket-taker at a roller coaster on the New Jersey boardwalk. She’s […]

“So that’s what nipples are for!” A story about my 8 year old son

My niece Madison Katherine was born on Tuesday, September 18th. As Maddy stirred in her clear hospital-issued bin, my sister-in-law nodded, smiled, and politely announced it was feeding time. When I ushered my three kids out in the white-hospital hall Chase looked up at me with a pair of blue-honest eyes and asked, “Dad, how […]