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My friend is dead but I’m bring her back to life (or Voodoo)

My friend is dead but I’m bringing her back to life (or Voodoo) For Susan Parker–“Slow down, you crazy child…” And thanks for “fucking” loving me.  On Saturday, a former student emailed me at 2 am to say she’s leaving for Colorado State University in a few hours and can’t find her Creative Writing final, […]

Are we having fun yet?

Are we having fun yet? All summer long I’ve been helping high school 12th graders write their college applications essays. When we first meet, most students see writing as a chore. Writing, like cleaning their room, is something an adult made them do. They assume writing is simply a matter of slogging through 5 paragraph […]

Taking your own advice

Taking your own advice The other day my brother dropped 2 cords of firewood in my driveway. Though I appreciate the free firewood the problem is I have to haul the firewood, piece by piece, from the driveway to the deep corner of our backyard to 3-walled, roofed hut where the firewood is kept dry. […]

What is a pebble jar and why you should make one

What is a pebble jar and why you should make one Day 20 of the 21 Day Challenge required me to make a pebble jar. What’s a pebble jar? Literally–it’s a jar filled with pebbles. Or in my case, a jar filled with poker chips. Figuratively–each pebble, or poker chip, represents a measure of time. […]


Notes-to-self Sometimes we can find ourselves floundering to start or complete a project or maybe we’re avoiding having a difficult conversation or maybe we’re simply unsatisfied, and long to be happy again. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. Since I started writing my book, there have been daily bouts of self-doubt. Moments where I think […]

Making progress (from pole to pole)

Making progress (from pole to pole) Last summer, when I was training for a 5k, to keep myself focused and motivated I often jogged from light pole to light pole. Visual markers were instrumental for my progress. I had to see the finish line. Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, explains that people do not accomplish their […]

A long post about a lot of stuff

A longer post about a lot of stuff Today’s post is longer than usual because I’m a teacher and I’m on summer break and because day-time television stinks and because writing is away to avoid doing housework and because I’ve got a lot to tell you and I know you’ll listen. So on Monday I […]

The World Really Needs Your Genius

The World Really Needs Your Genius I am not religious. 16 years of catholic school (elementary, high school and college) can do that to you. When it comes to religion I have more questions than creeds. I hope to one day figure the whole religion thing out. But today I’m not here to share my […]

A book update, a health update… and apparently I'm looking good these days

A book update, a health update…and apparently I’m looking good these days I’m extremely lucky to have an amazing network of people who are supporting my book effort. Since Monday I’ve received emails and messages of support. People have gifted me books, suggested books, recommended people to interview, and someone even offered to edit my […]

I’m excited to announce…

I’m proud to announce… I’m writing a book. The validation I’ve been desperately seeking for years came twice last week. First, in a heartfelt message, a reader explained how my writing resonates with them and their struggles and that they would be first in line to buy my book… whenever I wrote it. That turned […]