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Why It’s Important to Burning Burn Boats

If you want to get stuff done, if you want to reach your goals and live a richer, more interesting life you must be willing to “burn your boats”. Now, before you take a Zippo to your ark let me explain. The “burn your boats” philosophy dates back to the 5th BC when Sun Tzu’s […]

The four words that changed my life forever (or all the motivation you need right now)

For me, this whole writing business began when a doctor looked at an MRI of my brain, then at the floor, then hard into my eyes and said, “You should be dead.” He then told me there was nothing he, or anyone could do for me. “I’m sorry Mr. Armstrong, you should be dead.” I […]

Friday’s Fast Five… 5 Great Pat Summitt Quotes ( and a hearty screw you to Alzheimer’s Disease)

This Alzhiemer’s Disease is a real bastard.  A real heartless bastard. He is currently toying with one of my favorite sports writers–  legendary Philadelphia Inquirer writer Bill Lyon. If I was chiseling my private Mount Rushmore of literary influences Bill Lyon’s face would share ears with Tim O’Brien, Cormac McCarthy. JD Salinger would be the […]