Training Session #7- June 8


5:40 am to 6:05 am


Outdoor-61 degrees

Training Maxim:

No hurry. No pause.

Training Performed

25 minutes of intervals (walking, jogging, and squats)


A continuous jog around the perimeter of a basketball court (approximately 288 feet). 6 feet longer than yesterday’s accomplishment (262 feet).

During training I listened to:



I trained today without contacts in my eyes. This wasn’t a deliberate decision. I just hopped out of bed, slipped on my shoes, stepped outside and started my walk. I was a healthy 2 minutes into training before I realized wasn’t wearing contacts…proving coffee and sight are unnecessary for training.

Start a streak. Can I train for 30 days in a row? Can I read for 30 minutes a day for 90 days? Can I adopt veganism for 180 days? If wellness is simply a streak of practicing healthy behaviors, and you want to improve, you must be willing to do anything to extend the streak.

I’m doing this because I just want to feel normal again.

Quote I’m Thinking about Today:

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Checkout Chapter 1 of my serial story “The Man with the Hole in His Brain”

“The man turns back to the mirror. His eyes are deep blue like the child’s.  Below his soft chest,  beats the heart of a child–boundless and wild. A heart that yearns to play outside again. To run, jump, tackle, and swing. To sweat, to bleed, to get dirty again. A heart that is much younger then the body that holds it.”

“The Man with the Hole in His Brain” is work of creative nonfiction. It’s an ambitious literary attempt to tell my story and further explain why I’m training to run again.