Training Session #5- June 6


5:40 am to 6:25 am


Outdoor-62 degrees

Training Maxim:

No hurry. No pause.

Training Performed:

  • 25 minutes of intervals (walking and jogging)


Simply training before going to work.

Pleasant Spotify Shuffle Surprise:

“Hey Ya!”- OutKast


Yesterday’s evening training session was  frustrating. But getting up early and doing interval training was an effective way to ease those frustrations.

Early morning training is easily forgotten. Which is a good thing. When I save training for later in the day, I often spend the day thinking about/dreading the impeding training session.

Quotes I’m Thinking about Today:

“Don’t be afraid of off days.”~Mike Walker, Track & Field Coach at The College of New Jersey who recently offered me some sound training advice.

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”
~ Lemony Snicket

Checkout Chapter 1 of my serial story “The Man with the Hole in His Brain”

“The man turns back to the mirror. His eyes are deep blue like the child’s.  Below his soft chest,  beats the heart of a child–boundless and wild. A heart that yearns to play outside again. To run, jump, tackle, and swing. To sweat, to bleed, to get dirty again. A heart that is much younger then the body that holds it.”