Training Session #11- June 12


5:30 am to 6:00 am



Training Maxim:

No hurry. No pause.

Training Performed

  • 30 minutes of constant pedaling. (Level 4)

First Thing I Listened To This Morning:


I didn’t want to do this. Today I woke up sore: my left knee, thighs, and lower back were stiff (I assume from yesterday’s double training session). When my alarm buzzed at 5:15 am I didn’t want to get up, let alone ride the recumbent bike. But I did. And sometimes, doing the thing you don’t want to do, is an accomplishment in itself.


Quitting today makes it much easier to quit tomorrow.

There wasn’t anything sexy or fun about today’s training session. Today, training hurt. But I endured and I’m glad I did.

Quote I’m Thinking about Today:

“I just want to go the distance.” ~ Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)

Picture Courtesy of “The Film Spectrum”

Checkout Chapter 1 of my serial story “The Man with the Hole in His Brain”

“The man turns back to the mirror. His eyes are deep blue like the child’s.  Below his soft chest,  beats the heart of a child–boundless and wild. A heart that yearns to play outside again. To run, jump, tackle, and swing. To sweat, to bleed, to get dirty again. A heart that is much younger then the body that holds it.”

“The Man with the Hole in His Brain” is work of creative nonfiction. It’s an ambitious literary attempt to tell my story and further explain why I’m training to run again.