Why Write?

Rachel Wierzbowski is a former student and currently studying at  The University of Pittsburgh .

Writing is like listening to an exceptional song. It has the power to mend the soul, wf3toprovide an outlet of relief, to express oneself in a way that nothing else can. So, why write? When presented with this question, I thought the answer would be simple: we write because we have to in order to further ourselves in this world. But just like a song, writing does not just brush the surface. It prompts me to think on a deeper level and look at the underlying layers of a proposition. I write because I can find myself–find the layers of emotion internally; I write because I can expose myself–expose the layers of emotion externally to an audience. Like any exceptional song, I write to connect to an audience, but moreover to connect to myself. And, if I can relate my favorite song to what I’m writing, that’s even better.