Get Your Writing Running!

I often equate writing a sentence to starting a jog ( or at least the way I start a jog) .  The first few words/steps may be awkward, unbalanced and  a sad  attempt to find a rhythm. A simple way to to gauge your writing rhythm  is to take a concentration of sentences ( I recommend at least […]

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Great Lines in Literature- “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy

Book: The Road Author :Cormac McCarthy Publication Date: 2006 Line: “Then they set out along the blacktop in the gunmetal light, shuffling through the ash, each the other’s world entire.” Analysis: Damn you Cormac!!! Lesser writers, like myself, would have simply ended that line  with “each other’s entire world” because  I like clichés…I sigh at Hallmark cards […]

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College Application Essay Tip: Don’t Sweat the Prompt

I get it, the college application essay can be a scary and overwhelming venture. It is arguably the most important you will ever write. No pressure kids. When addressing the idea of writing an essay that could shape their future, most of my students do the following: 1. Attest that their lives are boring and they have […]