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Everyone has a story and everyone’s story matters.

Write on Fight on’s mission is to provide people of all ages and skill levels with tools, motivation, vision and instruction to improve their writing skills, to tell their stories.

My name is Jason Armstrong, owner and operator of Write on Fight on LLC.

2016 Robbinsville Public School District Teacher of the Year.

With over 15 years of teaching experience I have guided of hundreds of high school students through the rigors of the writing process. I founded Write on Fight on LLC to help even more people improve their writing skills.

WoFo’s mission to to provide students as well as teachers with innovative ways to approach writing.

Authentic Professional Development for Educators

I take great joy in offering fellow educators exciting and effective strategies for teaching writing to their students.

I want to teach teachers how to ease student stress, create an authentic learning environment and disrupt the writing process!

My workshops are punctuated with lively stories, humor, and discussion. They also grant educators the opportunity to work with proven strategies, allowing them to experience and observe my strategies through both the teacher and student lens.

Workshop topics include:

Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall: Why Brainstorming is the Ultimate Hook for Young Writers

  • Powerful brainstorming activities are the essence for generating student interest. This seminar explores why the brainstorming process should be a messy adventure and effective strategies that inspires adolescent writers to tap into the wonders of imagination.

The Pomodora Technique: Why Writing with a Timer is Absolutely Necessary 

  • Research suggests that a wandering mind often leads to disinterest and unhappiness. In this seminar, I explain how using how brief, timed writing activities is the key to helping students not only improve focus but  increase student engagement and produce powerful, authentic writing.


Presenting at Rutgers University, May 2017

The Art of the Question

  • Students are often embarrassed and afraid to ask questions in class. They see questioning as signs of weakness and failure. In this seminar, I will explore how to cultivate a classroom that embraces questioning and how authentic, student generated questions can fuel powerful writing.

How to Make Your English Classroom an Authentic Learning Environment

  • Students want to learn about their teacher. The teacher is vessel who has sailed through the tumult of adolescences and adulthood and has returned to tell about their journeys. In this seminar, I explore how sharing my personal stories and writings with my students has been the foundation of my success.

Why Public Conferencing is the Key to Building a Classroom of Writers 

  • Student-teacher conferencing has proven to be an important experience for improving student writing. However, the demands of the school day often prohibit these one-on-one conferences. Here, I explain how and why public conferences are a powerful strategy in cultivating a productive writing environment. I demonstrate how I conduct public conferences and why they are an important step in creating student ownership.

Write as if No One is Reading: Why Messy Writing is the Best Kind of Writing

  • When it comes to writing students often feel that their writing has to be perfect.  What they fail to realize is that this approach prohibits them and cultivates a fear of writing. In this seminar, I explain why the key to generating authentic writing is allowing the students to explore the messy, creative process and what teachers can do to help students realize that writing doesn’t have to be perfect to be great.
Presenting at Rutgers University, May 2017

My strategies, geared for grades 7-12, help students (even the reluctant ones!) embrace the writing process and develop an important appreciation for the craft.

Furthermore, I believe in in the power of authentic teaching. I believe that English teachers have a tremendous opportunity to enhance a student’s appreciation of writing.  My professional development mission is to provide educators with practical strategies and new perspectives on how to teach writing.

Mr. Armstrong’s writing strategies and insight definitely prepared me for college. He provided me with simple yet effective strategies, like writing with a timer and speed listing, that not only improved my writing but increased my interest in writing as well.  Under his tutelage I feel prepared and confident to write at the collegiate level. – Kyle T. Salisbury University

Write-a-Thon 2017

When it comes to teaching writing,  my way is not the highway! My strategies were designed to be flexible so that teachers can adopt and adapt the strategies to meet the unique demands of their classroom.

I believe that the writing process is more important than excellence.  When students experience writing as an organic state of play, they are more inclined to immerse themselves in the writing process and grow as thinkers and learners.

If you are interested in learning how I can help both teachers and students please feel free to contact me. I would love to speak with you!


College Application Essay Writing

Are you a prospective college student struggling with your college application essays?

If so, Write on Fight on LLC can help.

One area I specialize in is helping students turn their experiences into a memorable college essays that will capture the attention of college admissions officers.


Schools my students have been accepted include:

Princeton, Yale, Penn, Boston College, Georgetown, Pitt, Lehigh, Bucknell, Villanova, NYU, Michigan, UCLA, USC, MIT, Olin College of Engineering, Drexel, The College of New Jersey, Carnegie Mellon, Jame Madison, George Washington, Swathmore, Elon, Duke, Rutgers, Penn State, Ohio State, Rice, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Stanford

My approach to helping students write their college essay is a personalized one.

The Essay camp offered by Mr. Armstrong came at a critical time and proved to be a great experience.  Our son found this course to be extremely valuable.   He was able to complete all of his colleges essays shortly after the course was complete.  We are very thankful to have an educator like Mr. Armstrong to guide, instruct and teach our son.

~Chris and Kelly (parents of Ryan, Drexel University Class of 2021)

Together we will…

  • Review sample essays written by my former students
  • Brainstorm compelling essay topics that you are passionate about and that best highlight your strengths
  • Develop an organizational strategy for the essay
  • Draft an essay that captures your voice and highlights your uniqueness, strengths and qualities
  • Thoroughly edit and polish the essay

Here’s what some of our former students have said…

“Mr. Armstrong helped me to tell my story. After just one session with him, he helped me find something truly meaningful to write about. He guided me through the writing, editing and formatting processes and helped me produce a cohesive and purposeful essay.                                                                         Melody A. George Washington University

“I’ve never has a tutor like Mr. Armstrong. He makes learning fun! Together we found an interesting college essay topic that best revealed my strengths as a thinker and learner. With his help I was accepted into my dream school! Jewel C. Bucknell University

“I can not thank Mr. Armstrong enough for his writing advice and guidance. His strategies for technique and style helped me to discover my writing voice. Before our sessions, I was completely lost and overwhelmed with the college essay. He calmed my nerves and helped my to write an essay that I was proud of.                                                                                                                         Allison D. University of Pittsburgh

Services I offer…

  • College application writing with relatively unlimited revisions
  • Supplemental essay writing with relatively unlimited revisions
  • Interview preparation
  • Scholarship writing
  • Speech writing
  • Writing/education consultations
  • Speaking engagements

How it works…

Simply contact me and we can discuss and design a package and plan that best fits the student’s needs.

Depending on location and availability, sessions may be done in person or over the phone or Skype.

Contact info…

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