WoFo’s Teacher Spotlight is on Kyle McDonough

WoFo’s Teacher Spotlight features awesome educators who are dedicated to teaching and inspiring young people everyday.

In this edition, WoFo features Pre-K4 teacher, musician and soccer fanatic Kyle McDonough.  I would like to thank Kyle for his interview and for his dedication to the teaching profession.

” The students absolutely love him. Because of Mr. McDonough, my child wants to go to school six days a week. He’s so down to earth and has been really great, especially for a nutty first time parent.”

Besides being a teacher Kyle McDonough is…. 

 A husband, musician, friend, and a big soccer fan.

Where do you currently teach, what do you teach and for how long?

I currently teach at Nativity of our Lord school in Warminster, PA. I teach Pre-K 4. This is my first year here at Nativity.

What is your favorite lesson to teach and why? 

 My favorite lesson to teach is reading. The students I currently teach are 4 and 5 years old, so when they read a word for the first time or understand a new word, their excitement is infectious.

If, for one day, you were in charge of your school what would you do? 

I would begin the day with a school wide yoga session or controlled breathing exercise. I really find it to be a good way to block out the world around us and come together as a school community. It lets everyone have a fresh start to the day.

If you could write one quote on the board for your students what would it be?

“All people smile in the same language”

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be?

If I were not a teacher I would be a lawyer. In college, I always thought I would go right to law school after undergrad. However, after sometime in that industry I found out it was not for me.

What advice would you give to all new teachers?

 Be flexible! Everyday is different in school and the more malleable you are, the better each day will be.

If the best thing about teaching is the students, what’s the second best thing?

The school community. When you are in a building everyday with others who are passionate about education, it make everyone better at their jobs.

Who inspires you?

 My mom. My mother, Debra McDonough, has been a teacher for over 25 years and still has a deep passion for her students and teaching. Every student that passes through her class comes out a better person. And everyone lucky enough to be around her is a better person for knowing her. She is truly remarkable.

My classroom superpower is…

 My classroom superpower is calmness under fire. I always say to people that stress is a participatory activity and I choose not to participate. I do not let things in life stress me out, because no one is their best self when they are stressed.

Hey parents, does your child have a teacher who inspires them? Does your child look forward to school becasue of an awesome educator? If so, please consider nominating your child’s teacher to be featured on WoFo’s Teacher Spotlight Series. Contact Jay at writeonfighton@gmail.com

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