A Note of Thanks (followed by a cringeworthy shower thought)

thanksgiv-dayWhen I look at the world and its hulking mountains, its sandy beaches, its flowered fields, its distant stars–I realize that the world has enough stuff.

When I look at myself, and my loving and supportive family, my messy but comfortable home, my hard but rewarding job, my refrigerator full of food, my shelf full of books– I realize I have enough stuff.

But having and needing are two very different words. Two very different attitudes.Two very different perspectives.

What the world needs is more people to appreciate it. What we need, is more of us to appreciate each other.

Wherever you may roam today, I want you to know that I appreciate you reading my stories and sharing this journey with me. I appreciate you welcoming me into your life so we can laugh, cry, learn and live together.  Your presence, no matter how distant, is felt and appreciated.

Slow yourself today. Enjoy your life today. Appreciate stuff today.

Thanks for reading and for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be well,


P.S. Here’s a shower thought I had this morning…

What if after every bite of food tonight, I give a low groan, rub my belly and say “That’s Trump-tastic”?


That shower thought is in no way a reflection of my political views. I’m not sure where it came from. I think I should investigate the contents of my Head and Shoulders.

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