Friday’s Fast Five…My Top 5 Tweets from 1994

With the nativity of social media, the landscape of adolescence looks quite different then when I was coming of age in the 90’s. Teens today will never know what it’s like to pass handwritten notes between classes or wait anxiously  by the corded house phone for “that girl from the mall” to call.

Teens today tweet, Snapchat, “like” and hashtag at 4G speeds. Its amazing– for their entire lives they have been virally connected to the world.

This got me thinking…what if along with Pogs and frosted tips and Starter jackets social media was a thing in the 90’s? What if in 1994, as a self-indulgent 14 year old, I was tweeting? What would I tweet? And what if my idiotic teenage ideologies were forever etched in the cyberspace?

So for this installment of Friday’s Fast Five I present… My Top 5 Tweets from 1994.

1.”Hey guys…Big Gulps?…Huh? Alright.Well, see you later.” Hella funny!!! GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE !!!


2. As if!!! Saved by the Bell: The College Years canceled. Thanks for ruining my life. #bringbackbayside #stepoffnbc

the bell

3. My English teacher just said The Lion King is an animated version of Hamlet. Why are all high school teachers fart knockers? Who hires these people? #schoolsuxs #teachersrfartknockers


4. Bold Prediction– Ace of Base will be my generation’s version of The Beatles #guarantee #isawthesign

5.Friday night is phat @ Palace Roller Rink. Mad fly girls in overalls and skating to the future of hip-hop– Coolio!. #fantasticvoyage #allskate


Do you have 90’s tweet you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you. And as always please share this post via email , Twitter, Facebook and help spread the good word of WoFo.Thanks.

Hope your weekend is all that and a bag of chips,


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